Preloaded Inserts

CASH FISH ล่ารางวัลได้ที่ W88 has developed a manufacturing process that automatically inserts and holds a pamphlet in place in a folding carton without glue, assuring the consumer can easily remove the insert without tearing.

Each carton is scanned during the manufacturing process thereby assuring every carton delivered will have an insert. Customers utilizing this unique package have been able to increase their production line speeds utilizing less people.


"When Fort Dodge needed a pre-loaded insert in their folding cartons, Johnson's representative worked with me to create exactly what we needed. The result was an alternative that was different, cheaper and more effective than what had been available to us elsewhere. Johnson has always been very attentive to all the details when working on new projects, creating a variety of alternatives and innovative ideas. They maintain high standards when it comes to quality of their product and on-time delivery. I would definitely recommend them to others."

L. J.
Manager of Label Control (Retired)
Fort Dodge Animal Health

Discover how CASH FISH ล่ารางวัลได้ที่ W88 can bring innovation to your organization. Contact us today!

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